Have Kid TV Websites Gone Wild with advertising?

Is Mikey trying to sell to your kid?

Is Mickey trying to sell to your kid?

Advergaming has been widely frowned upon by parents for being essentially online super commercials. Cereal producers like Kellogg’s, Millsberry, and Post have received negative attention for having cool games online for kids. However they are only small players in the Advergame front. No one has more advergames than Children Television Network Cites.


The Cartoon Network website is crawling with more than 200 free online games featuring popular Characters like Ben 10, Afro Samurai, and Star Wars.


Nickelodean’s www.nick.com features loads of games starring Avatar, Spongebob and those cute little rug rats.


Family favorite Disney also has loads of advergames on its website featuring the famous Disney Princesses, Tinker Bell, and Mater from Cars.


While parents have clamored to disapprove of food producers advertising to children there has been little complaint about how much networks are advertising to children. While it may be mostly harmless fun a lot of these sites are also selling to kids. Cartoon Network sales ringtones and mobile backgrounds. Both Disney and Nickelodeon have online stores selling products from famous characters. And to add to it all 2/3 of the websites heavily feature ads form the same food companies parents of the childhood obesity era have complained about!!!



Tasty Treats Chef adds Emerging media to her recipe

"I can't find my phone either!!!"

"I can't find my cell phone either!!!"


World Famous chef and talk show host Rachael Ray has added some spice to her media menu. While the chef’s famous meals take 30 minutes you can surely navigate to your favorite recipe online in less than half the time! Ray’s official page http://www.rachaelray.com/ features a weekly updated recipes, user friendly blogs, and a news letter.  She also has a website for her  daytime tv talk/cooking show http://www.rachaelrayshow.com/ This page features online video

            She also has a separate website Yum-o (http://www.yum-o.org/ ) that advertises her non-profit organization.  That website features cute online games and a tool to help those who want to donate find food banks. This website also features a newsletter and family friendly recipes.

            Not to be outdone Ray is stepping head long into new technology. Now she not only has multiple TV shows across cable and network stations and two official websites but she also is offering to provide access to fans on their most private technological possession… their cell Phones!!!


She offers two opportunities to interact via mobile. One option is to go through the Food Network mobile service by Texting FOOD to 36636. The other is through the Rachael Ray Recipes on the Run service. This service offers access to recipes and a special recipe creator. This AT&T service costs 2.99.

Alls fair in love and search!! POLL

There has been some debate over the advertising Practices of search engines. Basically some search engines take money from companies to place that companies name higher in a search. For instance Radio Shack could pay MSN.com to put its name higher in the results for searches like “buy computer.” As you can tell many web users would decry this practice as unfair. Instead of finding what your looking for instead many searchers fear they will only find “sponsored” links.

If the knowledge that your search engine websites are taking money and skewing your results is startling how do you feel about the idea that webpages are designing themselves to trick web crawlers into placing them higher. The only difference here is that instead of giving money to search engines they are paying outside consultants.

But then there are the times when we need search engines to filter our results. As a new parent I would be very upset if my child was searching for school work and found nasty things. I am pleased that major search engines like www.Yahoo.com and www.Google.com offer safe search. This changes the results of searches too.

Lastly there are searches that inadvertently bring up negative or hate group websites. Google had a problem previously where the word “JEW” when search brought up an antisemitic website as the number one result. Needless to say the website http://www.jewwatch.com/ was glad to get all that attention when their views went up from 2 to 4. But this was possibly a time in which the website needed to skew the results again. Google did issue an apology http://www.google.com/explanation.html and currently Wikipedia results are number 1 and 2. (WHo would have thought!)

My is there ever times that Search Engine results need to be adjusted?

Emerging Media and The Church: Accessible to every man Pt.3

Local Church's need love too!

Local Church's need love too

We know how large ministries are using media to market themselves but what effects do technological advances afford the local ministries? Can John the Baptist Lutheran get an assist from Diggit.Com? Can St. Francis Catholic get a spot on De.lic.io.us? The truth is that the World Wide Web is open for every one. Even if your church can’t afford to host a website don’t be dismayed Social websites are here to save the day!


MYSpace makes it happen for ST. Paul Community Baptist


This ministry took advantage of the opportunity. www.Myspace.com is often capitalized on when people want to meet new friends or new dates. This ministry decided that Myspace had more potential than that and now has its information on the web. Complete with photo slides and blog entries!



Youtube gives Evangelist Walker a Stage

Another way social websites are helping ministries market themselves is by just giving them an opportunity to be seen. Here is West Virginia born Mark Walker getting a chance to be heard on Youtube.



Other options of new media

If those social sites have too much competition then there are gospel social sites like www.gospeltube.com that can be used instead. This way you can avoid having to compete with the likes of Star Wars kid or Sarah Palin.


Also there are specialty sites like www.Ministrymarketingcoach.com that can help non profit religious groups to advertise their ministries.

Emerging Media and The Church: Gospel on the Information Superhighway Pt.2


Today we have so many more media vehicles to use that the world has become a smaller place. Now a church or religious group in Asia can enfluence a family in London. American donations can found digging wells in war torn Africa. The church is embracing new media and reaching out to those who want to listen.



This Ohio based church lead by Rod Parsley is using emerging media to its fullest extent. The organization offers live online broadcasts of programs for those who can’t make it out to service or misse dtheTV show. They have an e-mail service that updates you on appearances and book releases by the pastor. The church utilizes a database service that helps those that want to be informed stay informed.




Another Ministry that it is utilizing emerging media is the Dallas, TX based Potter’s House. Lead by T.D. Jakes this ministry boasts Three Websites!

www.Tdjakes.com , www.tdjakes.org , and www.thepottershouse.org

This pastor utilizes streaming webcasts, an onlinemagazine, e-mails, an extensive database, and a regularly updated blog! These ministries are taking full advantage of today’s technology.



This Houston, TX church is the nations largest. The Pastor Joel Osteen and his wife Victoria are very intone with new technology. This church utilizes e-mails, streaming video and Podcasts.


These websites are able to provide a lot of marketing opportunities.

1. They exist as testimonials of the church online. Whenever people want to learn about the churches they can go to these well produced websites.

2. Reaching support. The websites give people options to participate in the ministry as much or as little as they want from as far away as imaginable. If someone wanted to support Joel Osteen’s Africa Aids outreach they can simply go to the website and donate online. You could in theory be a tithing member of a a mega church online. Love Pastor Jakes and can’t get enough? Order his book online. Whether your in Atlanta, GA or in prison if you have web access you can get the ministry you need.

3. Encourage trial. Before you buy a a product you want to see what its about. Ohio and Texas residents can get a chance to determine if these churches are ones they want to visit.

Emerging Media and The Church PT.1



  Non Profit organizations need attention as much as their tax paying brethren. How can the Red Cross save lives after disasters without funding? Who would come to a blood drive if they never first heard about it? Non Profit organizations are often trying to make the world a better place but in the crowded world of media they can be ignored. Today we take a look at how a non profit organization like a church can use emerging media to market itself to the public.



Brief History of Religion and media marketing!

  • 1517-When Martin Luther nailed his 95 Thesis high on the door of the Schlosskirche he never considered that he was advertising. The news of his unorthodox move spread through Germany in a classic showing of Buzz!
  • 1879- Jehovah’s Witnesses began printing the weekly Watch Tower magazine. Between the Watch Tower and door to door “sales” this contriversial group has been using marketing to get the messge out for decades.

    Yeah its wierd, but its also historic!

  • 1934- Church of God Radio hit the airwaves. The pioneer behind it Herbert Armstrong was often seen as heretic and was often sourounded by controversy. Today he is remembered by Jimmimc as being the first guy to spread word about his church over the airwaves.
  • The 1980’s- Tv had become the main stapple of media in the world. Who better to use this method than Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker. Aside from the scandals on the side. The PTL Club and the PTL Satelite Networks where actually Mavericks (no punn intended Gov. Palin) of the time by not only having their ministry represented on TV but owning the tv station.


Pizza Hut and Sony add to your gaming and your gut!

Pizza Hut and Sony add to your gaming and your gut!

Now I have heard of in game advertising. I’ve seen the Toyota instant replay in NBA 2K and drove past the Coke signs in GTA. But Sony knows they are taking this to an unhealthy level with this one. In 2005 Sony teamed up with Pizza Hut to bring you  the ability to order pizza DURING a video game.

The addition was placed in the highly anticipated Everquest 2. The fantasy game features 330,000 active players and is a massively multiplayer game. That means you have a virtual “world” where you can interact with others on your Quest.


The Skinny:

During game play the player only needs to type in /pizza as a character command. Then a Pizza Hut website window will open that allows you to place your order and instantly return to killing dragons. New Media at its best! Remember they are trying to sell to you!!!!